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August 30, 2010

40 remarks by a nonconformist (Nietzsche) Mental Heuristics to improve yourself Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy The Internet – summarized in one graphic 5 lessons about how to treat others Paper can’t win 20 multifunctional bookcases Translate your text into 12-year-old-chat-room-speak … Continue reading

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August 27, 2010

Basil Marceaux on the Colbert Report Dihydrogen Monoxide Jigsawdoku Excercise training programs 45 foods you can make for yourself The GraphJam graph builder Confuse Box 2 50 amazing Ramen noodle recipes Sushi Cat 1.5 – The Honeymoon

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August 25, 2010

Sometimes we like to have theme posts, this is one of thosetimes.  All of the Happys today are from a site called Polyvore that I’d never heard of until today.  We’d tell you how to get from the main site … Continue reading

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August 23, 2010

8 Irresistible Principles of Fun Introverts Unite (quietly) Ultimate Boot CD Electronic Circuit Theory (teach yourself) Spambox Build a real book-lamp A link that the U.S. could have used a few years back Hassle Me – it’ll hassle you for … Continue reading

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August 20, 2010

Funny stories from Travel Agent lives 10 minute fat blaster workout Why Can’t I own a Canadian? The real differences between Extroverts and Introverts Merging WWII and modern photographs Build a diagonal bookcase Computer quotes Girls = Evil Beautiful lakeshore … Continue reading

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August 19, 2010

I’ve noticed that this site has morphed away from what it was intended to be.  Originally, Have a Happy was supposed to be a place where you go to cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad day.  It’s become … Continue reading

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August 18, 2010

Your attention span is damaged Slow motion destruction Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium in the world Winterbells – ring as many as you can Free Documentaries 10 rules for being human Healing foods database Track mouse activity on your … Continue reading

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